MIURA High Round Table - PLANK-White-Diameter 60 cm Metal

Κωδικός: 9802-White-Diameter 60 cm Metal

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The MIURA High Round Table by PLANK is the perfect table for professional or residential spaces for both indoor and outdoor use.

MIURA is a table system with structure and top in powder coated metal available in a variety of colors and two sizes in diameter: 60 cm and 70 cm. MIURA round high table features a folding table top for easy storing and stacking. The table can be stacked by folding the top into a vertical position.

The table top can be made of metal (the 60 cm diameter version) and of High pressure fullcolored laminate (MIURA square and 70 cm diameter versions). Both materials are appropriate for external use.

The three-legged MIURA high round table was designed to accommodate the MIURA bar stool. MIURA series also includes MIURA round tables in two more heights and also the MIURA square version.

- Interior Innovation Award imm Cologne 2008 - Best of the Best in Category Best Detail


  • Foldable stackable high table.
  • Material: Powder coated metal (MIURA round table 60 cm in diameter), high pressure laminate (fullcolor) (MIURA square,MIURA round table 70 cm diameter.)
  • Dimensions:

Available in two sizes in diameter: 60 cm and 70 cm.
Diameter: 60 / 70 cm, Overall height: 109,5 cm, Base Width: 68 cm.
Height when folded: 138 cm.

  • For indoor and outdoor use.

MIURA High Round Table - PLANK-White-Diameter 60 cm Metal

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