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“Life in Technicolor” Shoe Collection by Matali Crasset for Ateliers Tersi.

by Anna Karataglidou
Ateliers Tersi Matali Crasset Shoes

French artist Matali Crasset presents a unique collection of women shoes for French manufacturer Ateliers Tersi. The artist was asked to create a series of four different shoe models that will be available for limited production.

Matali Crasset designed four different shoe pairs under the title “Life in Technicolor”. The Life in Technicolor collection was inspired from the contemporary urban women and their dynamic personality.

Each pair represents the everyday life of women that are always in motion. From a day at the office to a relaxing weekend with friends or a night out downtown. One can tell them apart using their names, also inspired by dynamic personality traits: “l’arrogante”, “la capricieuse”, “l’absolue” and “l’audacieuse”, French for “arrogant”, capricious”, ”absolute” and “bold”.

Matali Crasset used black leather as a base with minimal form enhanced by geometric patterns accentuated by colored details in red, blue and yellow.

Ateliers Tersi manufactures leather shoes since 1934 and is considered to be one of the top in France. Matali Crasset is a renowned French artist, one characteristic representative of contemporary French art. She has a vast number of artwork to display in various techniques and themes.

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