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Shell digital kitchen scale by Joseph Joseph.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Shell Kitchen Digital Scale by Joseph Joseph

The sleek and shiny Shell digital kitchen scale by Joseph Joseph is practical, versatile and very good looking.

Shell was designed by London based design studio “Morph UK” founded by Bill Holding and Ben Cox.The silky metal lid protects the scale and simultaneously is its measuring bowl. Lift off the integrated measuring bowl and it reveals a large easily readable backlit LCD display and the simple yet intuitive controlling elements. This good looking digital kitchen scale it is packed with unique practical features…

The Shell digital kitchen scale by Joseph Joseph measures liquids and dry ingredients in all major measuring units up to a total capacity of 5kg / 11lb / 600ml. The useful “add and weight” function allows multiple ingredients to be weighed in the same bowl during recipe preparation. This enables an uninterrupted preparation of even longer and more complicated recipes, since you can mix and weigh at the same time. Moreover an automatic switch-off function ensures a maximal battery lasting. Finally the top notch construction quality is backed-up by a bold 10 year guarantee for the internal parts of the scale.

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