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Riddled Cabinet: Wood Laser Sculpting by Steven Holl for Horm.

by Anna Karataglidou

Riddled cabinet was designed by the architectural firm Steven Holl for the Italian furniture brand Horm. Even though it is a functional cabinet and storage piece, the Riddled draws a thin line between furniture and art.

Its wooden parts is of solid walnut wood and the metallic details are made of aluminum. The various slits on its surface are laser cut in five different patterns, one for every wooden part of the Riddled cabinet. Besides the difference in patterns, though, the overall result looks completely in harmony. To balance the uniqueness and complexity of the form, the metallic details contrast the wooden material and highlight its edges.
The most important feature of the Riddled cabinet is the changes of light and shadow. When Steven Holl’s creation gets the correct lighting the result is breathtaking! The success of this piece was so immense that since 2006 a complete Riddled series has been created including bookcases, tables and display units.
Riddled combines industrial geometry, creativeness and sculpture while taking advantage of lighting features. Its complexity is compelling and manages to remain “light” and laconic. The innovation, the recognition and intense artistry of the Riddled cabinet place it among the most classical pieces of contemporary design. As expected its price is estimated at around 15.000 euros.

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