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Philips FlexiDock Universal Android Docking Speaker.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Philips FlexiDock Universal Android Docking Speaker

Philips FlexiDock is the perfect docking station for Android powered phones. Apart from a sleek-looking docking system, FlexiDock is also a Bluetooth speaker and an alarm clock.

Due to its clever design it can dock most Android powered phones – whether the phone’s connection socket is at the bottom, on the side or even on the top. This extreme flexibility is the first of its kind, catering to Android powered phones that are made by different manufacturers with no standardized position and orientation for the micro USB connection socket. The dock is also adjustable to hold the phone in both portrait and landscape positions, letting you position your Android powered phone at the center of the speaker. Its unique 360-degree design looks simply gorgeous from any angle, while its elegant and compact design fits perfectly on any desk or bedside table

The dock’s built-in neodymium speakers produce rich omni-directional sound and they are also shielded in order to to block mobile phone interference. The Philips FlexiDock docking speaker plays music from your Android powered devices via Bluetooth. For added convenience you can also download the free Philips DockStudio app and the Bluetooth will automatically be turned on and connect once when your device is docked. The free Philips DockStudio app brings a myriad of unique features to your docking speakers. You can listen to thousands of Internet radio stations worldwide, browse your music collection and share what you are listening to with friends via Facebook, or photos of the artist on Flickr. The app comes with Songbird music function, so you can discover, play and sync media seamlessly between PC and Android powered devices.

Moreover the Philips FlexiDock is also a sophisticated alarm clock. Simply connect your Android powered phone, and FlexiDock  will automatically synchronize its clock’s time with your phone’s. In Clock mode, the free DockStudio app lets you set multiple customized music alarms and gives updated weather reports.

Finally to top off a fully featured and clever design the Philips FlexiDock is equipped with a soft glow night light, to help you find things in your bedside table and operate the device without turning the lights on.

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