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Mariposa Headboard by Adele-C.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Mariposa Headboard by Adele-C

Mariposa by Italian visionary furniture manufacturer Adele-C is a flexible and unique piece of furniture that can be used as a headboard or as a room divider.

The words, refined, ethereal and metaphysical ideally describe Mariposa. Even before defining its function as a headboard, one must think of it as an expression of the metaphysical dimension permeating our dreams. Representing the oneiric is the immaterial ‘raison d’être’. The name Mariposa means Butterfly in Spanish. A suitable name, as the design of this unique object was inspired by the beauty of the shape of butterfly wings, which symbolize the translation into reality of the metaphysical dimension of dreams.

With two sheets in semi-transparent methacrylate, ‘Ali bianche’ or ‘Blu notte’ it is sustained by a lacquered shelf and illuminated by LED light. Mariposa should be placed at the bed’s top end (even when there is an existing bed frame), to fulfill both the functional and fantastical requirements of sleeping and most crucially, dreaming.

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