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Manta 2.0: Ray of Light, Table Lamp by Joeri Claeys.

by Anna Karataglidou
Manta 2.0: Ray of light table lamp

The sea is never far away with this Manta Ray inspired unique lamp.

Belgian designer Joeri Claeys has created a table lamp called Manta: Ray of Light, which is designed as a sculptural lighting piece that will enhance the aesthetic of your décor. Inspired on, and a tribute to, one of the most amazing sea creatures: the Manta Ray. The aim was to create a modern table lamp with a sculptural and organic form that tries to provoke people into using their imagination. Casting a beautiful atmospheric light and mysterious shadow.

Exhibiting a style statement, the organic Manta Ray light fixture will undoubtedly add a sense of glamour and a certain charm to the surrounding space.

Made from 3mm white-lacquered iron, with height at approximately 23 cm and width varying between 50-33 cm, the Manta 2.0 limited edition lamp is a unique and inspired by the Manta Ray fish, this sleek, charming table lamp lends an extra touch or eye catching element to a room.

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