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Drawer Shelf by Keiji Ashizawa.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The drawer-shelf by Keiji Ashizawa is a fine example of Japanese design: sleek, minimalist and ingeniously simple.It consists of three drawers connected with rails that allow them to slide against each other.

A very functional piece of  furniture that will transform itself to adjust your needs, rather than just remain static.The possibility of sliding provides flexibility in decorative options, but it it also practical and efficient, as the upper surface can be easily expanded, utilizing the drawers as shelves, hence the name drawer-shelf.

Ashizawa’s creation will most likely appeal to the fans of minimalist design and to those that enjoy reconfiguring their living space often.

The drawer-shelf is still in prototype stage, but it will possibly enter production soon, you can check out the progress of the project at Keiji Ashizawa Design.

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