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Buro Office Set by LEXON.

by Anna Karataglidou

The Buro collection by Lexon is an office set which consists of the most usual office tools, which have been matched together and re-designed in order to be stylish and neat.

Buro office set was designed by DesignWright, the two brothers Jeremy and Andrian Wright. The set consists of the Buro tape dispenser, stapler, hole puncher and also a calculator a USB hub and card reader, a digital calendar and a magnifying lens with light. All Buro offiece set items are made of ABS synthetic material with soft finishing and carefully designed to fit together neatly in a block that takes up as less office space as possible.

The office set is available in three different color ranges with shades of green, grey and purple. The color palettes remind us the harmonic color range of the famous Pantone palette and are interesting and pleasant to the eye. One full office set covers all the needs of a work space. Buro will certainly make your office look tidy, neat and elegant.

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