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Bottoms Up Doorbell by Droog Design.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Bottoms Up Doorbell toasts your guests’ arrival with the charming ring of two fine crystal wine glasses. Certainly a refreshing twist, as an otherwise trivial item gets transformed into a desirable design object.

It was designed by Peter Van Der Jagt for Droog Design and won much acclaimed red dot design award in 2007. The design of the Bottoms Up Doorbell is imaginative and original. Two wineglasses are placed upside-down and a miniature hammer is between them. With the aid of an electromagnetic mechanism the little hammer starts moving, clinking and clanging the glasses with the push of a button.

However even more exciting than the innovative aesthetics is the unique sound that the Bottoms Up Doorbell produces. It is much like the usual metallic ding-dong sound, but with a crystal ping that a gives a thin, sharp and elegant sound. A symbolic toast announcing the arrival of your guests. The Bottoms Up Doorbell is certainly an ideal gift for wine lovers… and not only.

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