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Atlas Dining Table by THE FUNDAMENTAL GROUP.

by Andreas Rekopoulos

The Atlas Dining Table by Gunnar Ronsch and Stephen Molloy of The Fundamental Group highlights the poetic symmetry of mathematics, as it is composed hundreds of interlocking wooden cubes.

This mesmerizing piece of furniture is combines a modern “Geek-Chic” allure with quality woo crafting most often associated with old school craftsmen. To create this stunning dining table hundreds of interlocking oak cubes are rotated by 45 degrees on two of its axis and planed off the pointy surface. When these cubes are arranged as a surface, they reveal a language of large and small triangles, but as you look around the edge of the cube you see the chunky wooden cubes that create the triangles. The pointed edges of the cubes form a beautiful pattern on the top and a sea of ridges on the table’s underside.

The name Atlas is a play on the three meanings that spring to mind: the mountains bordering the Sahara, the image of the geographical features on the surface of the planet, and the primordial Titan “Atlas” who held up the globe on his shoulders. It’s kind of a heroic piece there’s a lot of labor involved, and it’s real, old-fashioned craftsmanship.

Each of Fundamental’s designs is greatly labor intensive and showcase the beauty of geometric patterns that often go overlooked.

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