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Architectural Jewelry by Lotocoho.

by Anna Karataglidou
Architectural Jewelry by Lotocoho

Lotocoho designers truly impress with their geometric architectural creations. Their collection of architectural jewelry provokes a contradictory feeling: even though they look fresh, futuristic and innovative, they are yet so archetypical as if they are cut straight out of their basic material.

Actually, this is exactly Lotocoho’s concept: the archetypical symbol. Lotocoho translate signs to symbols. Clean geometric shapes create architectural jewelry that refer to the creators’ interpretation of the symbol and its content.

Following the example of Aby Warburg’s “Mnemosyne-Atlas” Lotocoho study the symbol and translate the symbol: they re-write it with geometrical (Euclidean and Thiessen) polygons. Of course their design adjusts to the functional scale and the ergonomic demand of the human body.

Their collection entitled “Ergonomic Territories” translates landscapes to jewelry. Based on geology, nature and modern languages the collection features ring, earrings,bracelets and brooches, all combining the natural element with the abstract-artificial. The combinations are infinite and the creations carry the archetypical memory of the mountain, the rock, the diamond.

Lotocoho are Anna Tomich and Jorge López Conde. Anna is interior designer but mostly studies the translation of symbols as a way to express her experiences of traveling around the world. Jorge López Conde is a multi-tasking personality and has studied architecture, design, photography and music production. For him symbolism is a way to understand reality.

Besides the philosophy of their concept, Lotocoho’ s architectural jewelry are objects of great aesthetics and high quality, true fashion statements!

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