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Air Tattoo Paper Jewelry by Logical Art.

by Andreas Rekopoulos
Air Tattoo Paper Jewelry by Logical Art

London-based design studio Logical Art, has come out with a new concept in wearable art. Air Tattoo is a collection of wearable art pieces for decorating body and clothes

Air Tattoo is essentially a line of artistic geometric patterns turned into paper jewelry. It enables you to wear a beautiful delicate drawing as a piece of jewelry and they are original, light and uniquely flexible. Simply put it on and enjoy the gorgeous look! It matches with all kinds of style, even a simple T-shirt looks great with the addition of an Air Tattoo.  Oh and don’t get alarmed by the fact that they are made of paper, they are not disposable jewelry, it is a special type of reusable durable paper, much like leather.

Logical Art, wanted to maintain the quality of delicate drawings. Leather, PVC, fabric, etc. didn’t keep its shape and detail perfectly for this project as much as paper does. So they tried to find a kind of paper that is strong enough to for someone to wear it repeatedly.

Eventually they found a special eco-friendly paper. This material retains all the convenient aspects of normal paper (soft texture, light weight, beautiful tension), yet it is very strong. It is a water-resistant and tear-resistant material, durable enough to wear, even on rainy days. You can wear Air Tattoo multiple times unless you try hard to tear it.

Air Tattoo currently comes in four different designs, the edgy Geometry, the earthy Vine, the liquid Dew and the soft-organic Hexagon. You can choose your favorite style and create your own mix & match. The Air Tattoo is already available for pre-ordering price at 16£.

From the designers: “On a sunny Sunday we were shopping and chatting about fashion, we suddenly came up with an idea that it would be great to decorate body with artistic drawings but not tattoo. When you wear clothes, tattoo will be hidden. We wanted to design something that can decorate the surface of both body and clothes. Then we began to create countless drawings and pick the best, convert them into wearable pieces.”

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